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The Online Gateless Writing Academy

A 10-month Sanctuary and Mastery Program for Writers with Work-in-Progress.
NEXT Gateless Academy BEGINS FALL 2020.
What is The Gateless Writers Academy?
The first of its kind, this 10-month online Academy will guide you in the completion of a powerful manuscript that is ready for the agent's hand, the bookstore shelf. The Gateless Academy is one of the most comprehensive online book-writing programs in the world, the journey of a lifetime to a completed manuscript. By the end of The Academy, you will have what you need to create a successful writing career. Your work will be ready to move with power and influence into a waiting world.  

You will receive:
1. An international network of unconditional support, including a tight group of talented, high-achieving fellow writers with whom you share work, who will become your literary family.
2. In-depth personal attention in "Showcases", where we work as a group and one-on-one to draw out your unique genius on the page and your singular talent as a writer,
3. Extensive craft colloquia in over 100 seminar hours that reveal insider industry knowledge and covers everything from how to move through critical voice to creating cinematic scene and building a proposal that brings you to sale.
4. Cutting-edge teaching methodology that works with neuro-plasticity to bring you to a creative genius you may never have experienced before.
5. 10 calls with insider insight from literary luminaries in the industry, including agents, top-four publishers, award-winning and bestselling writers who have been where you are right now.

The result? Astonishingly beautiful work that wows agents, publishers and an audience of readers.

KimNothing in my life has ever come close to The Academy. When I first joined, my novel had been stalled for over a year, my understanding of how to proceed was hazy. Gateless stoked a fire in me.  I will never be the same. The Academy is a safe haven for the creative genius to run free and wild without inhibition. Acquiring invaluable tools for the craft, reading other writers' work, and getting unbelievably insightful feedback on my own work has moved me forward in profound ways. I can happily say I am in the homestretch with my novel, and I have everything I need to succeed as an author. My only regret? Not doing it sooner!!!  -Kim Griffin, novelist, finalist novel-in-progress William-Faulkner-William award, TX.

What Will Happen to My Writing Career?

Gateless is an international movement, busting the myth of the struggling writer and creating bestselling, award-winning authors.

Because of Gateless' unprecedented approach to the page, and the family of international support, Gateless Writers who have attended The Academy have seen their writing fought over by agents, they've gone to auction with first books, signed six-figure deals and won prestigious literary awards.

Cutting-edge scientific brain research shows that the old way of focusing on what isn't working interrupts the imaginative output and creates almost impossible odds for the writer. The Academy changes everything about that paradigm and gives you resources that enable you to gain incredible mastery on the page. It also gives you a hive of supportive fellow writers.  Together we share work and challenges,  agents' and editors' names, and encourage each other through life-changing acceptances. We identify your innate and singular genius and help you lean into it, so you are able to meet unprecedented success in the industry.

BrenThe Academy ranks as one of the most important gifts I have ever given my work. Suzanne Kingsbury was truly sent here by the gods.  When I came into the Academy, I was unsure if the story or my characters held water or if anyone would even care about them. I left with a bevy of balcony people at my back, cheering me on when I open my laptop.  I can hear them: "More more more!" I feel girded. I feel like a safety net is beneath me. I can climb higher, take more risks. The Academy lasts a lifetime.  The seminars hold wisdom for the ages. Gateless is a gift. It buoys you forever. --Bren McClain, TN, winner of the William Faulkner - William Wisdom Writing Award and Author of the critically acclaimed, One Good Mama Bone, Nashville, TN.

But Is The Academy for Me?

Any writer of fiction, memoir, how-to work or self-help is welcome to apply. While writers with innate talent seem to be drawn to Gateless as a rule, the Academy is structured to cater to writers at any point in the path. Gateless' avant-garde methodology was formulated to meet and transform the work of new and seasoned writers into books that sell.

Previous Academy masters have been post-grads with MFAs; previously unpublished writers just starting out with books-in-progress; mid-career writers who want to move higher in the industry; and those considering the MFA, who want a more intensive, intimate path to publication.

If you yearn for that trusted mentor, if you crave industry knowledge and want to be introduced to authorial icons further ahead, if you long for a literary family who resemble the luminaries of 1920’s Paris, The Academy is for you.

DaintryThe Academy was life-changing. When I started, I was filled with doubts about the book I was writing. Through the positive feedback and massive Gateless love, Suzanne's unbelievably insightful words to me during the writer's showcase, her amazing seminars, I was filled with fantastic information, I felt a huge paradigm shift. The Academy is about transformation and alchemy.  Other writing programs give you the mundane, Gateless has the magic. I was transformed as an artist because of it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.--Daintry Jensen, MA, author of the critically acclaimed middle grade book, The Hidden Forest, Brooklyn, NY.
The Principal Elements of The Gateless Academy:

1. 100 Hours of Mastery Seminars on Process and Craft: The Gateless Masters Academy consists of over 100 hours of deep-dive seminars that were created especially for you to get you from the first bloom of an idea to a completed manuscript that sells. The difference between a writer who stays stuck in work-in-progress and the author who sails into a life of awards, six figure book deals and movie options is not about who you know, the topic of your work or even how much you write, it lies in acquiring a set of potent, little-known tools that harness the power of the written word and give you agency on the page. These modules cater to all genres whether you are writing a how-to, a memoir or a novel. You can see a full syllabus by clicking here.

Kate-GrayThe Gateless Academy has been one of the most vital, enriching, freaking-beautiful things I've ever done for my writing and for me.  I felt tentative when I signed up, excited but lacking some confidence. Through The Academy, I gained a team of cheerleaders and felt very close to the online risktakers and shakers. It's for writers who are willing to be vulnerable and honest and generous. The insights from The Academy have gotten inside me, they are in my blood. There are many approaches to writing and teaching writing, the Gateless approach blends science and spirit and integrates the best part of ourselves, so we can connect to the best part of others.--Kate Gray, Pushcart Prize nominee and author of the critically-acclaimed novel, Carry the Sky, Portland, OR.

2. The Online Writing Salon: Gateless writers in the Masters Academy showcase 750-1500 words for peer review on the online forum every two weeks. This is a beautiful hive of peer support and inspiration. We use the Gateless methodology  to show you where your work has energy, what shines, and where to focus your writing time. This gives you the surety of where your work is singing, so you have the inspiration to keep working.

This is a time to put the foundational tools you are learning to work and try out their glimmer in the group. The Academy hand-picks their students, and because of their caliber, they will be highly skilled at feedback and will offer Gateless critique that brings your power to the page. Your salon will become your writing family. Combining this kind of Gateless critique with the foundational tools is one of the fastest ways to move your work to the point of publication.

SheenaThe Academy was magic. When I signed up, I was experimenting with a new book, and I wasn't sure if it would work.  But my work got better every week, the seminars were so packed with information, I didn't want to miss anything, and there was so much love pouring forth, the weekly salon was like a high.  When I read aloud during my showcase and heard everyone's feedback, I felt lifted on a cushion of support. I was high for days. It was a gift from everyone there. I write more freely now. The work comes from a place deep inside me. Gateless taps into the place where your writing might be stuck and frees it up to flow on the page. It almost bypasses the intellect.  You find a direct path from the body to the page.--Sheena Cook, MFA, award-winning Author of A Month in the Country, repped by Curtis Brown, Baltimore, MD.

3. The Showcase: That’s you, in the spotlight. Each week, we will spotlight one writer during our Academy call. The spotlighted writer will experience an hour long session where you read your work-in-progress, hear feedback from the group and get an in-depth one-on-one session. You will have an opportunity tell your writing story, share your vision, and receive Gateless (this means specific and supportive) feedback.  Here you have the opportunity to ask questions, and inquire about doubts and ecstasies in relation to the process. You can ask everything from how to stay motivated to how to find an agent. We talk about your challenges related to themes, structure, character development, byline, publications and much more. This is a transformational chance to feel buoyed while manifesting your literary dreams. Reading aloud and having your most pertinent Q’s answered is often the creative fuel needed to dive back into the page.

Sarah ByrdenThe Gateless Academy ranks #1, top of the top, of all the things I’ve done for my writing, I was unsure what I was writing, I knew I needed to turn toward it, but I didn't know how. The Academy finally gave me incredible craft tools and insight on my work, I gained a network of supportive, loving writers who cheerlead me on. I felt seen, loved, held, encouraged. We were all invested in each others’ success and growth. It is so, so beautiful. --Sarah Byrden, Worldwide Speaker and Founder of The Elemental Self, Portland, OR.

4. Luminaries in the Limelight: Our incredible family of online faculty arrive to the Gateless party during our academic year-long program to mentor you on everything from psychology and the art of writing to crafting a bestseller.  The faculty includes multi-genre authors who have hit bestseller lists, comedic writers who have graced some of the nation's biggest stages, boutique literary agents who can tell you how to land an agent, and authors who have scored major media attention. These folks are daring, accessible and open to answering all your questions as your learn to move your fantastic idea onto the world stage.

Stanley DankoskiBefore the Gateless Academy, I was getting conflicting feedback on my work, I wasn't quite sure how competent I was. The Academy gave me the tools to understand how to craft great writing. I wrote my manuscript from the inspiration I got from the seminars. The first word to the last polished draft was written in the Academy. It was solicited for publication right after that and will be published this October. I've never experienced that before. Suzanne's feedback, and everyone else's, showed me that there is a powerful force to be reckoned with inside me. And it's nothing to be afraid of. It's something wild I can ride.--Stanley Dankoski, fiction writer, NC

5. What's Next: Writers who are part of the Academy  have access to queries that have garnered six-figure deals, proposal templates from award-winning writers, the truth about platforms, including who needs one, who doesn’t and how to organically grow one as an author, why the author platform is markedly different from others, and a list of the very best agents in the business for your work.

Paula DiacoWhen I entered The Academy, I wanted to belong to a community of great writers, to feel equal among the giants in the Gateless room. By the end, I didn’t want the Academy to stop. I wanted to mingle longer with the other writers, to soak in their writing and hear how much they love mine, to examine how I treat a story and learn from the experts about process and craft. I feel confident now in my talent, I return to Gateless whenever I’m in doubt. Out of all the things I’ve done for my writing, I can’t rank it high enough, it’s infinite.--Paula Diaco, corporate writing coach and novelist, VT.
See the full syllabus HERE .

Board Advisory Scholarships Are Available for The Academy through the Gateless Advisory Board. If you are interested in a scholarship, please email and write Scholarship Needed in the subject line. Thank you!

Acceptance is on a rolling admissions basis, by application only.

If you have not been in the Gateless community before, please apply by sending a letter of intent to profiling the following (if you have been in retreat with Suzanne you do not have to do the letter of intent.
*How you heard about Gateless.
*Where you are with your writing now.
*What you most need from the Writer's Academy in terms of your work.
*Your greatest goals for your work (these can be small or large, they only have to be integrated with a personal vision).
*A ten-page sample of your work in progress.

Please send it in a word document, via attachment, 12 point, double spaced, no more than 650 words. Let us know if you would like a phone session to talk about the particulars, please email us at

Payment: Cost for the Gateless Writing Academy is normally $6500. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship based on need, please send us an email at Write Scholarship Needed in the subject line.

Deposits of $750 are due when the writer signs up. Payment plans are available to students at no additional cost.

Please inquire at about creative possibilities for payment.