Shelter-in Shamanic Sound Healing

Free Gateless Shamanic Sound Healing.
April 8, 2020, 8:30-9:30


The Translation of this Shamanic Sound Healing

Dear Ones,

You are indeed in a time of great change, where the resourcefulness of the nations and of each individual will be tested.

This is not your first blight nor will it be your last.

This is not punishment.

As a people, the human race has endured far worse. You must call on history and the reaches of the universe to remind you--what you face is not singular in its strength.

The virus is not enemy. It simply arrives as “being”, almost childish in how it travels. A strange visitor.  Perhaps bringing a message--though do not weigh yourself too heavily with the figuring of this message, for the human mind’s cognitive abilities are bumbling. Lessons are felt, they are not figured.  

The true purpose of any blight may not be tied to you at all. Humans forget they are but a small part of the vast community of organisms. Many foreign entities arrive here for the purposes of investigation, to bring information back to a universal field the small mind cannot imagine. The belief that all is symbiotic is great fallacy. Harmony teaches, disharmony teaches.  We are one with what comes, whether in violent guises or gorgeous ones.

Come, Dear One, let us comfort you under the wing of the great ancestors. We look over you now. You see us when you see the belly of the great orange moon rising in the east to greet the dark night. When in doubt, look to this moon and to the stars in their planetary rhythms. These stars have already disappeared, aeons past.  And yet, these same stars are now dust inside you. This paradox quiets the small mind, which seeks certainty.

You must take heart in this and many other mysteries.

We give you in this difficult hour, some solace when you sleep. We bless you while you dream, bringing you miles below the earth’s surface, so that you may remain grounded.

To soothe the self in the day, notice how one bud blooms a flower. And how the clouds build only to fall apart and reform again. You are held by this cosmos.

There is no great terror except the one you make in the mind.

The destroyer of worlds, big and small, do come: war, plague, greed, tsunami, tornado. 

Observe yourself  in the face of them. 

Beneath fear is often great wonder, What is this curious phenomenon

Do not cease to dream, Dear Beauty. 

Do not cease to know yourself as one who is good, despite how many days you live, whether you fall sick.

This is a life everlasting and it will not end.

You will reform again and again for time immemorial in myriad, wondrous ways.



Suzanne KingsburySuzanne Kingsbury is the founder of Gateless Writing, Inc, an internationally-acclaimed literary arts organization offering retreats, career trainings, and a year-long post-graduate Writing Academy for writers with work-in=progress. The Gateless methodology uses creative brain science and ancient Zen to move creatives and seekers to the zenith of their careers. Suzanne is trained in Celtic and Peruvian Shamanic traditions and has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for her work in Theravada Buddhism. Today she works as scribe channel, receiving messages from a divine source of unconditional love to help creatives find power and genius in their work so they can move it to the world.

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