Archive / October, 2013


Kim Griffin

Thank you thank you thank you!  I was really blown away by spending time with you.  You are even more beautiful of a person than I imagined.  I will definitely be back on retreat.  It’s amazing to hit it off and make a connection with so many fascinating women.  I learned so much, made lifetime […]


Deb Luskin

Suzanne is not just a formidable writer, but she’s also a brilliant workshop leader, creating a safe, imaginative and inspiring workplace, which allows writers to take all manner of risks on the page.  No one is more affirming than Suzanne, who has a remarkable capacity to echo back the words that captured her imagination, and […]


Lindsey Agne

I miss retreat!  I miss all of you guys already.  I just wanted to thank you for your smile, encouragement and the amazing experience of being in a room nestled, among incredible writers and feeling safe to share without embarrassment.  Thank you for making me listen to the positive things being said about my writing. […]


Demaris Wehr

Suzanne is part muse, part coach, part editor, part author herself and a deeply beautiful woman.  It is a privilege, a help, and a delight to work with her.


Catie Webster

I signed up for retreat with Suzanne and Dede knowing that I loved to write, but unsure of what my next steps were.  I’d just been blogging for my own entertainment for the last five years, but I didn’t have a book project or anything.  I didn’t even know what I might get out of […]