Elisa Paige

How to adequately express what makes Suzanne a superb writing coach?  She’s passionate, intelligent, skilled, insightful…clear-sighted and objective, yet keenly empathetic to what it takes to be a writer.  The sheer obstinacy, the tenacity, the emotional daring to work for an audacious dream — hell, the audacity to dream in the first place.  I am convinced that having the great good fortune to work with Suzanne, especially early in my own efforts toward publication, not only improved my writing, but gave me the encouragement to keep at it. ~ Elisa Paige, Texas, repped by Ethan Ellenberg and author of: The Time Series: Stealing Time and Killing Time (topped the 100 top Fantasy Books List), and The Texas Fae Series: Maelstrom and Shadowplay.