Jane Miller

I came to Suzanne with a title and a brief outline for a book.  The first time I flew from Colorado to New England to meet with her, we spent a day building the book and, along with all the amazing work we did, she helped me see the idea I'd been carrying around was actually a potential bestseller.  That night she took me to have drinks with an agent who wanted to take me on right there and then!  During the next few years, Suzanne and I worked together in fantastic bursts of creative energy, and I learned the craft of not only writing and selling the book, but also branding myself as an author and building a platform.  Almost as soon as I finished my final draft, I was offered a contract and got my first book deal!  Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success) just hit the stands.  I am on my way to my launch party tomorrow night!!  Thank you Suzanne for helping guide me on this incredible journey.