-Mary Okoye, Tucson, Arizona

Mary Okoye

I first met Suzanne when I signed up for one of her retreats.  As in all of Suzanne’s retreats, she encouraged us to read our work aloud, and I was terrified, sure I was going to embarrass myself.  My piece wasn’t even a page long.  Almost before I was done reading, Suzanne jumped out of her chair and ran around the room, dancing and squealing.  She knew, right then, that the half a page I had written that day was my memoir-to-come.  Over the next few years, I took a master class in writing from her, she passed me the tools of the craft and helped me see where my innate talent was, she taught me to lean into my strengths.  In the process we became great friends and soul sisters.  The memoir I built out of the seed story from that retreat just got picked up by one of the biggest agents in New York!  Suzanne Kingsbury is in some ways like a siren. She pulls you into the depths with praise and songs of affirmation.  But unlike the siren, she brings you back to the top. When you open your hands to write and the pearls come, she says, "Oh honey, what beautiful words!"