Barbi Schulick

I simply cannot imagine a more thorough, thoughtful and skilled approach to author assistance than the service Suzanne Kingsbury supplies.  I worked intimately with Suzanne on my first novel and I am quite sure that without her I would never have gotten the book into the polished form it reflects today.  She is a gifted editor who leaves her ego at the door and knows when to push you and when to praise and inspire you.  She zeros in on the places you need to grow and helps you do so with gentle, yet confident direction.  She is an extraordinary amount of fun to work with and a storehouse of inspiring, educational support.  If you have happened upon Suzanne, look no further.  You have landed a gem. ~Barbi Schulick, Brattleboro, Vermont, author of the novel, Ethel Finds her Guru, Green Writer’s Press.