Finding Your Sweet Spot (I promise this is only a little x-rated!)

The most fabulously incredible thing is happening in Brattleboro, it's called the Desha Show, a talk show interviewing people who are living in their sweet spots.  So, if you were ever wondering why doesn’t the spot I’m in feel sweet?  Well, you can find out how others got to their sweet spots on the air with Desha Peacock as hostess extraordinaire.

The show just this second launched its fourth episode featuring Ayda Robana, culinary chef to the stars and owner of Om Sweet Mama’s in Santa Barbara (where else?). On other episodes she has interviewed Cirque du Soleil performers and wild comic book writers and my goodness absolutely anyone who has shot for the moon and landed among the stars including ummm a novelist/editor you might know, but I won’t mention any names.

This particular show is cut through with scenes from the Desha Show fun-raiser, the absolute highlight of everyone’s summer, a sparkling celebration under the cradle of a quarter moon right here in my own hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont.  Piles of artists and performers and writers and fans came from as far away as California, and the lawn was decked-out in shabby chic décor that would have made Rachel Ashwell proud. We all drank watermelon mojitos and beautiful people milled around everywhere.  Ayda cooked grilled shrimp and lamb meatballs and hundreds of other delectable tapas while Red Heart the Ticker played a sexy set and then House of Wolves lullabyed us before he ran away on his European tour. He really does sometimes lullabye, it's very sweet spotty.

Everyone there was living in his or her sweet spot at least for that night.  And while I was standing with Margie Pivar admiring her splash-of-pink dress and talking about her screenplay which was just this minute picked up in Hollywood, I thought how my grandma Maggie would have loved this party, wearing a fancy shift on a summer night with an open bar at her side. As we know, Maggie wallowed in her sweet spot and was friendly with all the other 1940s sweet spotters, and I just had to run right home and dust off the diary and the blog, which has been in deep deep remission (a topic for another time) and finally finally finally check in with Grandma Maggie on Saint Mark’s place as she drinks her champagne and eats her coconut cakes and to say thank you thank you to all you sweethearts (and sweet spotters) who dare to stop your busy lives and follow her…

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PS happy happy to my bestie Lauren Myers who's birthday just happens to be today, and who I would absolutely and no-doubt-about-it die without...


What Was Grandma Maggie Doing on November 3?

Got hair done.  In evening over to 35 West 10th for dinner with Fred Rodell and wife, they're living in his mother's house, very charming little place with fine, book-lined living room and oriental rugs.  Fred is on Fortune now (I am pretty sure this is Frank Sinatra's Rocky Fortune Radio Show).  A slight, dark youth, and I liked him. His wife, Gerry, used to be a receptionist in Gifford Pinchot's office, is cute and cooked dinner in a brown velvet dinner dress with no back wearing over it a frilled yellow apron.  Other dinner guests were Arthur Mann and his wife.  First time I met Arthur's wife, I disliked her on sight and proceeded to become more and more irritated with her (grandma!).   She looks a little like Constance Collier (gorgeous woman who didn't age well and played Cleopatra to Beerbohm Tree's Marc Antony in the early 1900s) with a red bob and the weirdest Scottish accent I've ever heard, like a Frenchwoman with an impediment.  She said you couldn't get a decent meal in New York, nothing compared to what you could get in London!  She had a terrible chip on her shoulder and she and I quarreled about food, Dickens, Huxley, and general aspects of NY until I finally deserted her after dinner and so did everyone else except Gerry.  Good dinner of steak and peas after soup, salad, fruit and cheese served on the most beautiful plates.  Then coffee and brandy in lovely little cut glasses in living room.  John Chamberlain and wife came in and Peggy Chamberlain is going to have a baby in April so we talked baby.  Am dying to know what Edith thinks of this.  Was surprised as they've been married twelve years and ad impression she and John not so likely to stay together.  (Charlie Hogan said to have gotten same impression of Rodella).  After Chamberlains arrived, a guy named Hurling who has just come on Time after having had his own office in Washington as freelance correspondent.  Liked him.  Fred said he felt suspicious of Dewey (47th gov. of NY and Republican presidential hopeful who strongly supported the death penalty), didn't like his looks, felt he show-off and would turn out to be crooked or something.  Had really exceedingly pleasant evening and walked home about midnight through nice evening.