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Your Invite…

We made it!! Happy 2018 my sweet!!! This year Gateless writers signed a record number of book deals, hit bestseller lists, graced the main Ted Talk stage, signed with top agents, sold foreign rights, and garnered some HUGE media attention in the New York Times, O Magazine, Glamour, Vogue and more. Thrive Global just named […]

Happy Steamy Summer!

Hey there, Hope you are having a happy steamy summer so far!! The muse tends to get restless during the summer, and I’ve had a lot of people asking when when when is the next Gateless Writing Retreat??? And YES! we are offering a staggeringly beautiful Indian summer retreat: September 10th-13th at Nicole Birkholzer’s stunning […]

Happy New Year and Thanks!

Happy New Year!! I hope this finds you warm and cozy. Last time I wrote a blog post (lo these many months ago), Gateless writer Susan Strecker was launching Night Blindness, her debut. The book was a huge success, and your pre-orders and notes of encouragement set her on her happy journey as an author. Thank […]

You are Invited (shh, it’s a surprise…)

I have a story to tell you.  Something incredible happened last fall.  A girl who had never published anything before, had virtually no social media presence or any fame sold her book. And she sold big. The book came to her like a downpour, it wrote itself between picking up kids and lacrosse practices, playdates […]

Slaying Doubt and Falling in Love

With Labor Day behind us, and the kids back at school, I like to drag summer out by thinking of my peak experience.  And of course, for the summer of 2014, it was the week I ran away and fell in love. The third week in July, eight talented, sassy, beautiful, creative women (and Jeff […]