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Happy Steamy Summer!

Hey there, Hope you are having a happy steamy summer so far!! The muse tends to get restless during the summer, and I’ve had a lot of people asking when when when is the next Gateless Writing Retreat??? And YES! we are offering a staggeringly beautiful Indian summer retreat: September 10th-13th at Nicole Birkholzer’s stunning […]

Happy New Year and Thanks!

Happy New Year!! I hope this finds you warm and cozy. Last time I wrote a blog post (lo these many months ago), Gateless writer Susan Strecker was launching Night Blindness, her debut. The book was a huge success, and your pre-orders and notes of encouragement set her on her happy journey as an author. Thank […]

You are Invited (shh, it’s a surprise…)

I have a story to tell you.  Something incredible happened last fall.  A girl who had never published anything before, had virtually no social media presence or any fame sold her book. And she sold big. The book came to her like a downpour, it wrote itself between picking up kids and lacrosse practices, playdates […]

Slaying Doubt and Falling in Love

With Labor Day behind us, and the kids back at school, I like to drag summer out by thinking of my peak experience.  And of course, for the summer of 2014, it was the week I ran away and fell in love. The third week in July, eight talented, sassy, beautiful, creative women (and Jeff […]