Come to St. Augustine and Write, Write, Write!!

Love is the Beauty of the Soul-- St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Writing Retreat April 25th- April 27th, 2014.

42 miles of white sands, an eternal breeze, the depth of antiquity, cobblestones and Spanish architecture: St. Augustine, the city of youth has been a draw for artists, writers and adventurers since time immemorial.  A few years ago, literary agent Dede Cummings and I identified it as the perfect place to create a retreat, moving writers into that magic space where passion meets productivity.

St. Augustine, FL April 25-27 with literary agent Dede Cummings. Hopefully this can be a box that I can play with depending on which retreat is coming up.

St. Augustine, FL April 25-27 with literary agent Dede Cummings.

It took us almost 18 months to find time to break away from the daily grind and run down to a villa just steps from the beach where we could write write write. This April we are inviting six writers to join us. We'll start writing Friday morning, April 25th at 9:30 and write until Sunday afternoon, April 27th at 3:00. With the sweep of the surf just a moment away, organic food brewing in the kitchen and our pens to paper, we'll make the writing magic happen.


Gateless Gate Writing Retreats are one of the most incredible ways to move your writing to unprecedented heights. Writing is shared, mirrored and moved to places previously only imagined.  Part of the success of these retreats is that your muse is pampered. You are fed, massaged, supported, and finally handed the industry tools to make your writing dreams come alive.  Meals include seafood, salads, dinner in the colonial city and a publishing power hour Friday night with literary agent and publishing guru, Dede Cummings. Saturday we continue writing all day with a formal reading at night where retreat participants share previously written work.  Our writing session Sunday is punctuated with a fantastic brunch, and a closing session that ends by 3:00.  During the retreat, resident retreat Shiatsu therapist, Margie Pivar will be working on your body to free any creative blocks.


Retreat is a time when time slips away, writing takes precedence, we stop thinking we can't, and we start thinking yes.  we can. We share our visions, our current projects, and our voices. While we get massaged and eat delicious food, we build community, recognize our innate power and finally see ourselves not as struggling writers but as authors who can create enterprises from our work.   Sunday, when we tear ourselves away from that divine place of beautiful writing, we leave having advanced our craft exponentially, we know where our talents lie and how to tap into them, we have a plan for where to go next, we might have a list of agents, the outline for a proposal, a kick-ass query, but most of all, we've  harnessed our creative genius so we can continue riding into the wild world of words without fear or worry.

This retreat will fill up very quickly, please contact me to secure your space.

Come with me... 

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