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Happy New Year and Thanks!

Happy New Year!! I hope this finds you warm and cozy. Last time I wrote a blog post (lo these many months ago), Gateless writer Susan Strecker was launching Night Blindness, her debut. The book was a huge success, and your pre-orders and notes of encouragement set her on her happy journey as an author. Thank […]


Kasey Matthews

Suzanne Kingsbury came into my life and taught me how to write in a way so others would want to read my work.  She challenged me to elevate the quality of my writing, but with such kindness, wisdom and contagious passion, that the experience of working with her was joyous and exhilarating.  Suzanne gave me […]


Jane Miller

I came to Suzanne with a title and a brief outline for a book.  The first time I flew from Colorado to New England to meet with her, we spent a day building the book and, along with all the amazing work we did, she helped me see the idea I’d been carrying around was […]


Katina Makris

Suzanne Kingsbury is an extraordinary book shaman.  She’s talented, she’s sharp and she’s very experienced in the literary business.  Suzanne helped me write a smashingly terrific book proposal, and she hand-picked a hot literary agent for me who snatched me up in a heartbeat.  Within 48 hours the agent had me in seven of the […]

-Mary Okoye, Tucson, Arizona

Mary Okoye

I first met Suzanne when I signed up for one of her retreats.  As in all of Suzanne’s retreats, she encouraged us to read our work aloud, and I was terrified, sure I was going to embarrass myself.  My piece wasn’t even a page long.  Almost before I was done reading, Suzanne jumped out of […]